Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hi have not written in a very longtime. So I will try to catch up on latest news.

Cavendish Mall,
As Cavendish Mall is being demolished, the Mayor and Council are reviewing all the options available for our public spaces. The layout of the homes and streets have been finalized as can be seen from the posters which are up at the site, but the exact design and function of the streets and public spaces are still under review. One of the objectives of this new development was to create a commercial town center and old fashioned "main street" along the new avenue which will be running from City Hall -Cavendish boulevard right down the middle of the site. This avenue should be an active street which will encourage our residents to walk down from City Hall and shop and visit the Mall and the surrounding parks and activities.

As well the intersections along Cavendish need to be redesigned starting with the ones in front of City Hall and Kildare-Cavendish. They need to be safer for cars and more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

As we are presently working on these plans, I encourage residents to give us their input on how they would like to see this main street be developped and what uses they would like to see in the parks and in front of City Hall.

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