Monday, August 10, 2009

Finance issues

As councilor responsible for finance, I am proud to say that we have successfully settled important cases worth millions of dollars that were dragging for years. The Mackle and St. Pierre Collector cases were settled in exchange for the claims of the City of Montreal for the 2001 and 2005 deficits. After so many years, it is very satisfying for me to have been involved in resolving these matters to the advantage of the city without any extra tax burden to our residents. As well as chairperson of the Finance and Audit Committee, I have had the pleasure to work with an exceptional team led by our treasurer Angelo Marino and members of our committee: councillors Steven Erdelyi, Alan Levine, Ruth Kovac and former Councillor Harold Greenspon who is our mentor and who still gives us good counsel. Along with Councillor Ruth Kovac one of my most important tasks is to review the city’s expenditures once every two weeks. This is very time consuming and painstaking job however we do it in order to keep a very close eye on all our expenses.

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