Monday, August 10, 2009

Meadowbrook golf course on its way to becoming an eco-territory

The preservation of Meadowbrook golf course as a green space has been one of my priorities for the past 20 years since I became a councillor in 1990. In May 2009, in collaboration with Mayor Campbell Stuart of Montreal West, I presented a brief on behalf of the City of Côte Saint Luc to the hearings of the Commission of the Agglomeration on the Natural Space Policy in favour of the recognition of Meadowbrook as an eco-territory. As a result of our presentation and the briefs presented by Les Amis de Meadowbrook and the Groups Heritage Laurentien, the Commission agreed with our suggestions and made recommendations to the City of Montreal and the Agglomeration that Meadowbrook be recognized as an eco-territory. To read these briefs and the Agglo commission recommendations please visit:

As a follow-up, in June, I also made a similar presentation to the Bape hearings on the Turcot Exchange with a view to promoting a private –public exchange with the Ministry of Transport of Quebec.

Photo: Mayor Campbell Stuart, Patrice Martin the Assistant to Michel Labrecque the President of the Commission (who also visited the site and took the picture), Councillor Bonnie Feigenbaum of Hampstead, Patrick Ash from Heritage Laurentien and Councillor Dida Berku, visiting Meadowbrook with Councillor Michel Labrecque President of the Commission and Councillor for the Plateau and President of the STM.

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